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Британская The Guardian и американская The New York Times не совсем верят украинскому правительству

Оригинал взят у panchul в Британская The Guardian и американская The New York Times не совсем верят украинскому правительству

Совершенно непонятно. Ведь Демократическая Британия в Европе, не так ли? Почему же британские журналисты не совсем верят украинскому правительству, которое пришло к власти в результате Цивилизованной Еврореволюции и сейчас занимается мягким принуждением советских террористов к Свободе и Демократии?

Вот например:

Ukraine's interior minister, Arsen Avakov, said on his Facebook page that 20 separatists had been killed and four captured, during an operation to free the police station from "terrorists".

Locals in Mariupol had a different version, claiming the police had crossed to the side of the separatists, and both had been attacked by the army. However, with the chief of police supposedly taken hostage by the separatists, it seems likely that the police, like much of the city's population, had been split over whom to support.

Далее британский журналист цитирует противника Евросвободы и Евродемократии, который говорит, что якобы Украина как страна накрылась медным тазом:

In Mariupol, there was a mood of rage after the Ukrainian army left, intensified by the fact that many people were intoxicated from the earlier Victory Day celebrations. Several fights broke out in the crowd, but the main anger was reserved for Kiev.

"We will never live with these filthy fascists again. Ukraine as a country is over," said Vladimir, 27. "Imagine coming here on Victory Day and doing this."

At Café Arbat, where pools of blood were visible on the ground, one of the waitresses, Lena, said that three unarmed men had been shot by Ukrainian soldiers.

"I wasn't for one side or the other until today, but after seeing this, I have the feeling I want to take up a weapon myself and kill these people," she said.

"I'm 50 years old and they made me fall on the ground and hide from bullets, in my own cafe, in my own town."

А вот The Guardian называет демократическое украинское правительство ... "фашистской хунтой", хотя и в кавычках. Вот до чего доводит европейская Свобода Слова:

The separatists also seized an armoured personnel carrier that had been abandoned by the Ukrainian army due to engine problems, and towed it through the city, waving the flag of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic from the top.

Earlier in the day, several thousand people gathered in Donetsk's Lenin Square for the victory celebrations. The mood was heavily influenced by the current situation, with several speakers comparing the victory over the Nazis to the "fascist junta" in Kiev.

И самое важное - намеки на Гаагу. И это от европейской газеты!:

As night fell in Mariupol, local separatists rebuilt barricades in the centre of the city and returned to the local administration building, now half gutted by fire, which has been captured and abandoned twice now by Ukrainian forces in the past week. Many expected the army to return overnight. Videos from earlier in the day appeared to show Ukrainian soldiers firing on unarmed protesters, while others showed protesters in the crowd with weapons returning fire.

Вот совершенно непонятно, почему демократическая европейская британская газета цитирует какую-то советскую бабку, а не светлого креативного проевропейца с томиком Шевченко в одной руке и айфоном в другой:

"This is awful of course, all this drinking, and low-cultured behaviour," said Nina Tuvayeva, a pensioner looking on. "I'm against all of this, and I wanted a united Ukraine, a country that would be like Switzerland or Belgium, but they don't want that, so now our only hope is Russia. Ukraine is over."

Не менее чем статья как таковая, комментарии тоже шокируют. Трудно представить, что это аутентичные европейские свободолюбивые британцы или американцы:

... And if they [the neocons in Washington] had any sense now they would turn over this whole mess to the Russians. It is their neighborhood, let THEM deal with it. At any rate, they have more interest there then we do, for God’s sake!

We are already overstretched to the limit and drowning in debt. Sorry Ukraine, we CAN NOT AFFORD YOU, MAKE A DEAL WITH THE RUSSIANS!

К сожалению, сурковской пропаганде удалось посеять сомнения в факте Любви к Свободе и Демократии Европравительства в Киеве не только в сердцах британских, но и в серцах американских журналистов. Вот в The New York Times тоже не совсем верят твиттеру Авакова:

Ukraine’s interior minister, Arsen Avakov, wrote on Facebook that about 60 pro-Russian militants had tried to seize the city’s police headquarters. The police called for support from the Ukrainian national guard, a newly formed force of quickly trained volunteers drawn from participants in last winter’s street protests in the capital. Mr. Avakov wrote that 20 “terrorists” had died in the fighting, while those who survived dispersed and hid in a residential neighborhood.
Residents who had gathered around the police station offered an account that differed from the interior minister’s. The city police, they said, were sympathetic to the pro-Russian side and had mutinied against an out-of-town chief newly installed by the interim government in Kiev.

Armored vehicles had driven into the city to confront the rebellious police, not the militants, residents said. Holes in the brick wall suggested heavy weaponry. Gunfire echoed downtown.

Что с этим делать?

Барак Обама должен сказать The Guardian и the New York Times следовать Демократии, а не переписывать путинскую пропаганду!
Ложь! На самом деле вся западная пресса выстроилась в шеренгу и защищает Демократического Яценюка, украинского Барака Обаму!
Из-за бугра плюете?
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