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ИТ: SoftPhone, TLS, SRTP, iOS, Android

Как оказалось, найти нормальный VoiP-клиент для мобильных устройств с поддержкой и TLS, и SRTP для и iOS, и Android, и настольных систем (чтобы "зоопарк" не плодить) - некая внезапная проблема.

Планы использовать, например, Zoiper - с треском провалились.


Question/Remark: I am trying the mobile version of Zoiper (iOS), and need to use TLS/SRTP for making calls.

Unfortunately, in the "Settings" - > "Accounts" -> "Network Settings" - > "Transport" I see only two options - "TCP" and "UDP". No "SSL", or "TLS", or something else.

Is this function supported in Business Version of Zoiper, or Zoiper don't support TLS in mobile (iOS) versions ?


Thank you for your feedback!
The current release for zoiper for ios does not have TLS / SRTP and ZRTP yet.

We already implemented TLS and ZRTP and they will be available in the next
zoiper release. SRTP will follow later.

Best regards,


Hello, Joachim,
thank you for fast answer.
Can you tell us release date (or month) of the new version with TLS ?



If all goes fine, the new release will be uploaded to apple in the next 30
days. Apple will need another 10 days to review the application.

Best regards,


Blink Pro ?  У него версии для Android вроде нет, хотя sRTP заявлен.

Если у кого-то есть опыт удачного использования - напишите плз в комментарии (desktop-ный клиент тоже нужен, да).
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